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Favorite Records of 2017

There’s so much amazing music being made all the time. I always like to spend December looking back at my favorite albums of the year and also re-discovering the music that slipped through the cracks for me. I’m sharing some of my favorite records of the year in this post. Instead of ranking them, I’ve […]

Idle & Wild “Come a Little Closer” Music Video

Memphis music duo, Idle & Wild, recently debuted this music video I directed for their first single, “Come a Little Closer.” It was a lot of fun working with Caleb and Sara Jo, whom I have known since before they began performing as Idle & Wild. After hearing the song, we brainstormed visuals for the video and landed […]

11 of My Favorite Records from 2016

There was a lot to not like about 2016, but the one thing was good was the music. In fact, 2016 was an incredible year for music. We’re on quite a streak, because I thought 2015 was a pretty amazing music year, but in some ways 2016 outshone it. Here’s a list of my favorite […]

Free Christmas Music!

For those of you who are desperately in need of anything that might lift your holiday cheer, this is for you. Because this year more than ever, we all need a little Christmas. This album is free! Stream it below or download it from Bandcamp or Soundcloud. If you enjoy the record, take whatever you think […]

How to Humphrey’s

I was recently brought in to make a couple of “Tasty” style videos for Humphrey’s Prime Cut Shoppe in Memphis. I worked with Doug Carpenter & Associates, who have done an award winning job at rebranding this butcher shop that operates in conjunction with Folk’s Folly. I also got to record some Vince Guaraldi inspired music […]

Moon River 2016

I first worked with the Drew Holcomb in 2014 to create a video announcing his 2014 inaugural Moon River Music Festival. Now as they approach their 3rd annual festival at the Levitt Shell in Memphis, we’ve collaborated again on a new video promoting the fest, as well as video of a surprise live performance. While the original […]

Drew Holcomb at Gibson’s Donuts

I’m currently in production on a video to promo the 3rd annual Moon River Festival, hosted by Drew Holcomb at the Levitt Shell in Memphis this fall. As part of the promotional strategy, Drew is planning a series of surprise pop-up shows at unexpected locations around Memphis. This first of these happened last week at […]


This has been one of my favorite Choose901 videos to work on. I loved hearing IMAKEMADBEATS’ thoughts on the state of music and Memphis. “Art based things don’t just have to be side hustles.” When IMAKEMADBEATS moved back to Memphis after spending years away from home, he recognized how rich the musical soil was, and what […]

Watch Gumball

I first blogged about Gumball around 3 years ago, when my friend, Sean, began raising money to make the short film happen. Since then, I’ve posted about filming the project and scoring it, and I’m really happy to finally be able to publicly share the finished film. This project is very close to my heart, […]

25 Best Records of 2015

Too often I hear people complain that no one makes good music anymore. And honestly I used to fall into the camp that said so. But the truth is there is so much amazing music being made today–probably more than at any point in the past. But there’s so much being made that you may […]

Cold White Memphis

For the past few years I’ve been recording new Christmas music each year and adding it to record called Good News: It’s Christmas! The record is available free of charge via bandcamp. I’ve just updated the album with a new track for 2015, “Cold White Memphis.” The song was written by my good friend, and college […]

Choose901 Pop-up Shop Promos

This weekend is the Choose901 Holiday Pop-up Shop at 409 South Main in Memphis! I made a few quick promo videos yesterday afternoon to show off some of our merch. If you’re in Memphis and interested in the pop-up shop, there’s more info here. I oversaw the t-shirt and merch designs, and I’m really excited about […]