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Do You Have a Hobby?

Sometimes there’s a very blurry line between my hobbies, my interests, and what I get paid to do. I have a handful of hobbies and interests that don’t contribute directly to my bottom line, but I consider them to be just as important as what I do for a living. Even the various things I […]

Song Reader

Twenty new songs from one of my favorite artists, Beck. No CD, no digital download, in fact there’s no recording at all; it’s being released only as sheet music. Now, if I’m speaking as a music listener, this concept seems a little frustrating. It’s been 4 years since his last album, and I’m ready to […]

DIY, Creativity, and a Washing Machine

Last week my washing machine broke. Again. About six months ago, I paid a guy to come fix it, so I wasn’t really keen on paying again so soon. Now, I’ve always had a DIY attitude. I roast my own coffee, repair my own mics and mic cables, I’ve built my own guitar amp, I […]

Announcing Union, Reunion

  I’ve been hard at work for the last few months finishing up mixing and mastering my new album, Union, Reunion. It’s finally close enough to being ready that I can announce some details. You can see the cover art above, and below is the back of the album with the tracklist. I don’t have […]

Christmas is Coming

It’s December, which means the Christmas Season is upon us. It’s one of my favorite times of year. My wife and I have just hung our homemade Christmas wreath, and I’m preparing a Christmas gift for all of you that should be ready soon! Until then, explore all the downloads from the rest of the […]

The Story of the Symphonica

The odd looking object in the photo above is called a symphonica. Chances are, you haven’t seen one before. It’s definitely the most unique musical instrument I own. Hidden inside the sparkly green plastic body are a group of reeds similar to a harmonica. You play it by blowing or drawing through the end while […]

Video: The Night is Dead

While recording “The Night is Dead” for June’s download, I filmed the process. Finally got a chance to edit it together, and here it is! “The Night is Dead” along with this month’s song, “If You Got It” and others going back to January are still available to download. Check the sidebar to the right […]

DIY: Guitar Amp

I’ve always enjoyed doing things myself, and I recently completed building my first guitar amp. All the parts for the amp came from a kit I ordered from Weber. The circuit is based on a Fender Princeton 5F2A from the 1950s. The cabinet arrived pre-built, but I assembled the insides based on the 5F2A schematic. […]