lafayette & luxia

Lafayette & Luxia


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  1. Somewhere on the Great Frontier, Somewhere in the Vast Expanse of Space
  2. Sip Tea & Scream
  3. What We’re So Amazed About
  4. A Postcard From Abroad
  5. Transient
  6. White Flag
  7. All This Oxygen!
  8. Blank White Canvases
  9. Weakness Is
  10. Me & My Lady
  11. Oklahousa
  12. Ninety Four Years
  13. Wake Me Up for le Opera Seria

Lafayette & Luxia is named after two locations that shaped who I was when writing the songs in 2006. Lafayette is the name of the street where I lived (and where the album was recorded) in Memphis. Luxia is the name of the hotel where I stayed in Paris on the trip when I asked my wife to marry me.

The album was recorded and mixed in the summer of 2006 at my home in Memphis, Tennessee.