Idle & Wild: “Come a Little Closer”

Memphis music duo, Idle & Wild, recently debuted this music video I directed for their first single, “Come a Little Closer.” It was a lot of fun working with Caleb and Sara Jo, whom I have known since before they began performing as Idle & Wild. After hearing the song, we brainstormed visuals for the video and landed on this idea of the band acting as a “relationship cleanup crew” for a couple as they navigate the ups and downs of being together. Whether it’s a romantic dinner being derailed by a smartphone, or laundry day being complicated by a messy partner, every relationship has little bumps, but for this couple, Idle & Wild is determined to make sure the bumps don’t knock things off the tracks.

We rounded out the celebration of making-sure-a-good-thing-lasts a fun dance party showcasing the band’s own personal relationships – Caleb with his wife and 2 daughters, and Sara Jo with her husband.

The single is available now via Bandcamp, Amazon, and iTunes.