Cameron Bethany: “Cadillac Beach”

I teamed up with Unapologetic to create this music video for Cameron Bethany’s song “Cadillac Beach.” When Cameron played me an early mix, the laid-back flowy vibe of the main instrumental loop immediately conjured up kaleidoscopic images in my mind. I experimented with a few ways of achieving the look, including building large kaleidoscope out of mirrors to fit over my camera lens. In the end my favorite effects came from 2 different methods. I primarily utilized a digital kaleidoscope that I built from the ground up in post production, but I also used a few shots that I filmed through a small wooden “bee eye” children’s kaleidoscope to achieve a practical effect in camera.

For the second half of the song, featuring Cameron’s vocals, I filmed him performing in front of a green screen in a single unbroken take, then added some animation and other visual themes to express the feeling of his song. Cameron expressed his thoughts about the song and accompanying visual:

“This song is sonic symbolism. It’s simply taking a moment… what you hope taking a breath of fresh air in the midst of an emotional thunderstorm feels like. Director Noah Glenn masterfully recreated this calm using abstract imagery and animation to accentuate what we call ‘audio meditation.’”

You can find this song on Cameron’s new EP, YouMakeMeNervous. You won’t catch “Cadillac Beach” on the tracklist because it ended up being a part of the more expansive track “Talk to Me.” The video premiered via Ghettoblaster Magazine.