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21 December 2009

Merry Christmas! I made a special gift for you! I recorded a Christmas song, which you can download for free by clicking HERE! If you have a problem with that link, the song can be found at

12 May 2009

It's been a while since an update. In 2009 I've been working on a couple of albums - a new Noah Glenn album and an album with The Olde West (a band I play drums with). Both albums should be finished this summer.

In other news, last year I recorded an album for some friends of mine in the band Scandaliz Vandalistz. They were recently featured on with the music I recorded playing in the background. Click here to see their video.

17 December 2008

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! All CDs are on sale for $8 from now until January 1, 2009.

1 July 2008

The entire website has been redesigned, courtesy my wife, Lindsey.

15 May 2008

I've uploaded a new video to my youtube page. You can find it by visiting my media page on this site and clicking "watch."

Also, I'm featured twice in the May issue of Performer Magazine (the southeast edition), including a review of The Cloudspotter EP. Here's an excerpt about my song "Cumulonimbus":

'It ends with the lyrics “Every cumulonimbus reminds me of you,” a perfect example of Glenn’s ability to subtly twist the been-there-done-that indie pop with just enough originality to show that he’s a step above the rest.'

If you happen to read that review, I'd like to correct a mistake they made. They credit me with playing every instrument on the ep, which is not true. I only sang and played guitar, mandolin, synth, vibraphone, organ, and tambourine/claps. Many thanks to my band who deserves credit: Mark Petty II on drums, claps, and backing vocals; Brandon Ticer on piano and all other keyboard instruments, claps, and backing vocals; Wesley Morgan on upright bass; and Jonathon Sterling and Jrew Raines on backing vocals.

18 January 2008

The Cloudspotter EP is now available as a free download. Click the download link at the top of this page to get it.

12 December 2007

This is a little delayed, but i just found out that my album, Lafayette & Luxia was reviewed in the southeast edition of Performer Magazine in November. Click this link and then scroll down to find the review: Performer Magazine review

30 November 2007

Over the last few months i've been recording with a friend of mine. I made a series of videos that document the recording process and today I posted the first one on youtube. I'll be posting one a week every friday until the series is over. Then in January, I'll be releasing the new songs as a free download on my site. See the videos on and check back often or subscribe to know when I upload a new video.

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