3d circle

Noah Glenn is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer who creates collages of sound by blending the familiar sounds of guitars, drums, and rich vocal harmonies with left-field instruments such as glockenspiel, mandolin, woodwinds, clavinet, banjo, or whatever happens to be on hand. His music is able to experiment with shifting time signatures, seek unfamiliar sounds, and flirt with intentional dissonance, all while remaining undeniably catchy.

He has played in venues across the mid-south and south-east and been featured on NPR, popular podcast The Bored-Again Christian, and in Performer Magazine.


“[Noah Glenn] has already been embraced as a talented multi-instrumentalist and creative songwriter… Lafayette & Luxia displays not only Glenn’s ability to write compelling songs but also his multitude of other musical talents. Glenn wrote, produced and recorded the album from his home studio. The result is a lush sound with acres of instrumental exploration, playful harmonies and an overall sense of relaxed songwriting. Glenn forges a brave brand of progressive pop… with an organic indie-pop familiarity that is both reminiscent and radical.” – Matthew Godbey, Performer Magazine

“top notch… rich yet not overstuffed sound collages of discordant strings, banjos, hand claps, harmonies, toy piano, and virtually everything else… Captivating.” -Mark Jordan, The Commercial Appeal

“Blown Away.  [Lafayette & Luxia] must be one of the ten best records I’ve ever heard.” – Mark Snyder, Composer

“[The lyrics of Noah’s song “Cumulonimbus offer] a perfect example of Glenn’s ability to subtly twist the been-there-done-that indie pop with just enough originality to show that he’s a step above the rest.” – Liz Lawson, Performer Magazine