Free Christmas Music!

For those of you who are desperately in need of anything that might lift your holiday cheer, this is for you. Because this year more than ever, we all need a little Christmas. This album is free! Stream it below or download it from Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

If you enjoy the record, take whatever you think it is worth and donate that to World Relief Memphis, or your local World Relief office. World Relief welcomes refugees to the United States by helping them secure housing, employment and education, providing immigration legal service, and guiding refugees and immigrants along the path towards U.S. citizenship.

This is an ongoing, ever-expanding Christmas album, 8 years in the making (and counting!). Back in 2009, I came up with a fun way to mash up 2 of my favorite holiday songs, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “Auld Lang Syne” and I decided to record it to share with some friends and family. The next year I wrote an original song, “Christmas Sweaters” and it all began to snowball from there. Each year I’ve added one or two songs, and it’s a good mix of original compositions and covers of favorite Christmas songs. The album art features a wreath, hand-painted by my wife, Lindsey Glenn.

New additions for 2016 include an original called “Christmas Missed Us” and covers of “We Need a Little Christmas” and “O Holy Night.”

As a special bonus here is a song I recorded in 2015 that didn’t make this version of the album. “Cold White Memphis” was written by my friend, Matt Bell.