Explore Bike Share

I recently had the pleasure of creating a video for one of my favorite projects happening in Memphis right now, Explore Bike Share. Explore Bike Share is a privately funded effort to implement a bike share program in Memphis. Be sure to click that link and let them know you want to see this happen!

If you do much traveling to major cities, chances are you encountered a bike share somewhere. For me, I first rode a bike share bike 2 years ago in Washington D.C. I was so excited about the experience that as soon as I returned, I tweeted that I would love to see it happen in Memphis. Within 24 hours, a friend of mine in the PR world had responded with a heads up that there was already something in the works. So I’ve been lucky to be involved as an enthusiastic supporter since the very beginning of Explore Bike Share.

This video came about very quickly. I had 2 days with the bike to travel all over town filming it in different locations. I also wanted to chance to really test out the bike as a future user, so I decided to film the entire video by bike. I was able to carry my camera in the front basket and strap a tripod to my back, and hit every spot from downtown to Binghampton, and midtown to South Memphis. All told I think put about 25 miles on the bike.

The concept of seeing the bike parked in iconic Memphis locations was requested by Explore Bike Share, but my favorite part was the ending – a twist I came up with by riffing on one of their slogans, “Bike share can’t roll without you.” I rounded up a few friends and coworkers to ride the bike out of frame, and spliced them together into one smooth motion.