Bike Across Memphis

Last week, I made a video for Choose901, which has in 3 days become the most viewed video we’ve ever had. This is pretty cool, considering the way it all came together. We had recently made a first person video of the Go Ape ropes course at Shelby Farms, which got a good reception, so I decided to make another first person video of something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time: biking the Greenline.

I actually biked from my house in midtown, through Overton Park, down the Hampline and Broad Avenue, and finally picked up the Greenline at Tillman and rode that out to Shelby Farms and back. I had a great ride all the way out, but on the ride home I got caught in a storm. As I was heading down Tillman (pretty much the only part of the ride without bike lanes) the rain started pouring – I’m talking a major downpour. I was able to make it to Wiseacre and take shelter under their pavilion while I waited for the storm to pass, but not before my GoPro fell off my helmet as I crossed a busy intersection, and got swept away by the stream of water rushing along the curb. Thankfully, I saved the camera before it floated down a gutter.

Anyway, that’s the behind the scenes story that you won’t see in the video above. Thanks to Night Park for the music. Hope you all enjoy the video, and get out and actually ride the Greenline! It’s beautiful and amazing whether there are clear skies or downpours.