I won a bike for my wife!

A few months ago I saw a tweet about a contest Electra Bikes was running for a bike giveaway. The tweet was something along the lines of “Do you love filmmaking and biking?” to which I answered “yes ” and “yes” and clicked the link to find out about the contest. Turns out they were asking people to submit a 45 second video explaining why they wanted an Electra Loft bike. This sounded great to me as a filmmaker and bike enthusiast. Last November my family of three became a one car family when we sold one car and bought a new bike for me. I started commuting by bike around 3 times a week. I even got a bike seat for our toddler so she could ride with me. We’d been discussing getting a bike for my wife to join us, but it had been a long time since she had ridden and she wasn’t confident that the old saying would hold true, so we were hesitant to buy her a bike. So this contest gave me a great way to get her back on a bike. I made the above video and submitted it just under the wire.

From all the submissions, a team of judges selected their favorite 50 videos (we made that cut) and then the public got to vote for the winners. In the end, we were one of 15 people who won a bike from Electra.

Lindsey’s bike arrived this week, she got back in the saddle like a natural, and we finally got to go out for a ride as a family.