Scoring Gumball

20140421-215234.jpg A while back I told you my friend, Sean Jones, was making a short film. Since then, it’s been shot and edited. Now that he’s locked picture, my job scoring the film can begin in earnest. I’ve been tinkering with ideas up until now, but I didn’t have the definitive cut to audition the cues to. This past weekend, Sean visited me in Memphis and I got to play him what I had so far and we talked through and outlined every cue I need to complete. I feel great about where the music is at this point and I’m hoping to be ready to record it by June. One of my favorite parts was coming up with working titles for each piece of music, so I wanted to share those working titles here.

  • Dr. Lawrence Ashby, Here
  • We’ll Get You Another Gumball Machine
  • The Time Has Come
  • Places, People! Places!
  • Six Pretty Pink Princesses
  • Get the Hammer, Uncle O
  • Donezo