It’s… Arrested Development

Arrested Development was my favorite television show of all time. I was lucky enough to accidentally see the third episode when it originally aired, and after about 30 seconds I knew I would watch every episode that came after. Little did I know it would end up being canceled after its 3rd season. Thankfully, it’s a show that stands up after multiple viewings, and I’ve been able to continue to enjoy the DVDs for the last 5 or 6 years since it went of the air.

This is why I’m excited that they will now be producing a 4th season of episodes to air on Netflix leading up to the eventual release of the long awaited Arrested Development movie! I’ve been questioning the need to continue my Netflix subscription, but this news alone is enough to keep me subscribed at least until 2013 when the new episodes are set to air.

For any fans out there, what’s your favorite Arrested Development quote?