New Song: Better Than I Know Myself

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This song started as a rhythm that got stuck in my head for several days. When I found a melody that finally seemed to fit, the lyrics were written fairly quickly from there.

Once the song was written, I felt like the second verse seemed to be coming from two different viewpoints. It was like there were two people talking to each other, so I asked my wife, Lindsey, to sing a few of the lines. Lindsey has sung with me in the past, but hasn’t appeared on one of my recordings since my 2006 album, Lafayette & Luxia.

I also realized while mixing this song that it is the first time I have ever chosen to end a song with a fade-out.

The photo for the artwork was taken by my sister, Hannah, at our brother’s wedding in March. Don’t forget to check  out my other downloads! I’ve been doing this every month since January, so there’s a lot to hear. You can find them in the sidebar to the right.


You’re whispering a secret
But I know it like the back of your hand
Hands that know just how to hold me
Hands that even know the old me
Everything I ever buried
Everything that I can’t bear
Laid bare we’re both the same
Married by our very name
You know me
Better than I know myself
Your eyes know how to read me
You know all the words before they come out
The greatest book I ever read
Is the one inside your head
Something going on in your eyes
I know what nobody else sees
You’re looking right through me
You’re seeing into me
You know me
Better than I know myself