Roger Mexico Release “The Noah Sessions”

A few years ago I recorded an EP for local Memphis band, Roger Mexico. They’re now releasing the recordings as an EP called The Noah Sessions.

The sessions were a part of my senior project for the recording technology program at the University of Memphis. We got together at the University of Memphis Recording Studio over several days during the summer of 2008 to record three songs. The band was finishing up a full length album that was somewhat electronic, and wanted to record a separate EP featuring some of the songs in more of a live band setting.

So we got the whole band together in one big room and recorded drums, bass, piano, and guitar all live. We later overdubbed the vocals and some additional guitar and keyboard parts. I even contributed some backing vocals to the song “Numan.” I finished mixing it that summer and my wife and I designed the cover art for it, using a photo she had taken. It has now sat waiting to be released for several years while the band pursued a few other projects, but I’m excited to see it finally released!

Visit their Bandcamp page to download the EP: