DIY: Guitar Amp

I’ve always enjoyed doing things myself, and I recently completed building my first guitar amp. All the parts for the amp came from a kit I ordered from Weber. The circuit is based on a Fender Princeton 5F2A from the 1950s. The cabinet arrived pre-built, but I assembled the insides based on the 5F2A schematic.

I made a few substitutions from the stock amp kit. I opted to replace the stock output transformer with a Heyboer, and used a Tung Sol 6L6 and Electro Harmonix 12AY7 in lieu of the cheap Chinese tubes that normally come in the kit. I’m also really happy with the way the custom colored cab and grill cloth came out. As I said, this is the first amp I’ve ever built, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of videos by Rob Hull on and a book by Dave Hunter called The Guitar Amp Handbook. Here’s a video of the amp in action:

Some of what I’m playing in that video comes from a couple of songs I’m working on, so if you keep your ears open you may recognize some of this in a future song.