From Up Here

From Up Here

Opening tomorrow night at The Circuit Playhouse here in Memphis is From Up Here. I work as a sound designer for Playhouse on the Square and The Circuit Playhouse, and I don’t usually talk about that here since this site focuses more on my music, but this production is unique in that it features original music written by me. I wrote, performed, and recorded the music for the transitions between each scene.

If you’re in or around Memphis and looking for something to do one weekend between January 28 and February 20, I highly recommend seeing From Up Here. It’s directed by Irene Crist and features a truly talented cast.

I should also note that the play does feature some explicit language.

I think this description from Irene sums the play up well:

While it is a story we are all too familiar with, one in which the aftermath of teens being bullied and their reactions reverberate though the entire community, it is also a timeless story of how a family copes with a near tragedy. It is a story of missed communications and imperfect solutions and flawed thinking, but it is also a story in which we celebrate each individual’s desire to do the right thing and the hope that we will figure out what “the right thing” is.